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 Accessories for binocular microscopes AxioLab.A1 / Zeiss 
 Accessories for binocular microscopes Primo Star / Zeiss 
Accessories for cold light sources / Schott AG 
Adhesion slides SuperFrost Excell / Menzel 
Adhesion slides SuperFrost Plus / Menzel 
Adhesion slides SuperFrost Plus Gold / Menzel 
Advanced biological microscopes BA410E / Motic 
Allergy lancets / Heinz Herenz 
Basic biological microscopes BA210E / Motic 
Basic biological microscopes BA310E / Motic 
Binocular microscope Primostar 3 / Zeiss 
Binocular microscopes Axio Lab.A1 / Zeiss 
Binocular microscopes Primo Star / Zeiss 
Binocular microscopes Primo Star / Zeiss 
Blood lancets / Heinz Herenz 
Blood lancets SOLOFIX / B.Braun 
 Blotting pads, type 556 / Cytiva 
Cavity tiles, porcelain / Haldenwanger 
Cold light sources KL / Schott AG 
Compact zoom stereo microscope SMZ-143-N2GG, Greenough type / Motic 
Counting chamber, Bürker, double ruling / BRAND 
Counting chamber, Bürker-Türk / BRAND 
Counting chamber, Fuchs-Rosenthal, double ruling / BRAND 
Counting Chamber, Neubauer bright-line, double ruling / BRAND 
Counting chambers / Heinz Herenz 
Counting chambers Neubauer, double ruling / BRAND 
Counting Chambers, Neubauer improved, double ruling / BRAND 
Cover glasses Economy / Heinz Herenz 
Cover glasses for haemcytometers / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Cover glasses for haemcytometers / Heinz Herenz 
Cover glasses, round / Heinz Herenz 
Cover slips / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Cover slips / Menzel 
Cover slips, circle / Menzel 
DG glass cover slips / DWK Life Sciences 
DG microscope slides / DWK Life Sciences 
Diagnostic slides / Menzel 
Digital biological microscope BA310 / Motic 
Digital microscope camera Axiocam 305 color / Zeiss 
Digital Microscope Cameras Axiocam / Zeiss 
Digital microscope cameras MOTICAM / Motic 
Digital microscope DM-1802 for education and laboratory / Motic 
Dissecting needles with metal handle / Hammacher 
Dissecting needles with plastic handle / Bochem 
Dissecting needles, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Dissecting needles, with plastic handle / Hammacher 
Drying Block / Hahnemühle 
Education microscopes B1 Elite Series / Motic 
Folders for microscope slides / Heathrow Scientific 
Fuchs-Rosenthal counting chambers / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
 Glass cutter / Köhler Techn. Produkte 
HD digital microscope camera Moticam 1080 / Motic 
High-performance zoom stereo-microscope SMZ-168-TL, Greenough type / Motic 
Immersion oil for microscopy / Scharlau 
 Immersol immersion oils / Zeiss 
Inverted microscope AE31E / Motic 
Inverted microscope Axio Vert.A1 / Zeiss 
Inverted routine microscopes Model AE2000 / Motic 
Kinetronics SpeckGrabber SG / Kaiser Fototechnik 
Lens cleaning tissues, grade 105 / Cytiva 
Lens cleaning tissues, grade 2113 / Sartorius 
Lens tissue paper MN 13 / MACHEREY-NAGEL 
Mailing folders for slides / Bergmann 
Metallurgical microscope BA310 MET / Motic 
Microscope cleaning kit / Heinz Herenz 
Microscope Panthera CC / Motic 
Microscope Panthera DL / Motic 
Microscope Panthera KU / Motic 
Microscope Panthera L / Motic 
Microscope RED 132 / Motic 
Microscope slide boxes, coloured / Köhler Techn. Produkte 
Microscope slide boxes, PS, coloured / Heathrow Scientific 
Microscope slide drying bench / Electrothermal 
Microscope slides Economy / Heinz Herenz 
Microscope slides or paper strip holder, plastic / Electrothermal 
Microscope slides SuperFrost / Menzel 
 Microscope slides with cavities / Menzel 
Microscope slides, glass / Menzel 
Microscopes Axio Scope.A1 / Zeiss 
Microscopes Panthera E / Motic 
Moticam 1080 BMH full-HD camera / Motic 
Neubauer Counting Chambers / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Neubauer improved counting chambers / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
 Objective lenses for transmitted light / Zeiss 
Options for binocular microscope Primostar 3 / Zeiss 
Paraffin wax dispenser / Electrothermal 
Pocket microscope / Kaiser Fototechnik 
Polysine adhesion slides / Menzel 
 Simport Scientific EasyDip staining trough /  
Slide boxes / National Lab 
Slide boxes / Bergmann 
Slide boxes, antistatic / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Slide folders / Bergmann 
Slide folders / Heathrow Scientific 
Slide staining tray set / Heathrow Scientific 
Slide trays / Bergmann 
Staining blocks (vaccine dishes) / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Staining blocks, moulded glass / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Staining boxes /  
Staining cylinders / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Staining jar, Coplin / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Staining rack, glass / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Staining trough with insert, POM / BRAND 
Staining troughs, Hellendahl / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Staining troughs, Schiefferdecker / Glaswarenfabrik Hecht 
Stereomicroscope RED-30-S / Motic 
Stereomicroscope Stemi 305 / Zeiss 
Stereomicroscope Stemi 508 / Zeiss 
Tablet microscope camera Moticam BT10 / Motic 
Tablet microscope camera Moticam BTX8 / Motic 
TRIPLE XXX Panthera Promotion / Motic 
True North slide boxes / Heathrow Scientific 
W-iFi microscope camera Moticam X3 / Motic 
Zoom stereo microscope SMZ-161-BLED(R2LED) / Motic 
Zoom stereo microscopes SMZ-168 / Motic 
Zoom stereo microscopes SMZ-171 series / Motic 

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