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LAUDA Semistat S

LAUDA-Noah SemistatThermo-electric process thermostats for the semiconductor industry from ?20 to 90 °CFast and precise temperature control for demanding processesThe thermoelectric Semistat temperature control system offers reproducible temperaturecontrol for plasma etching applications. This system dynamically controls the temperatureof the electrostatic wafer chuck (ESC) and can be used in all types of etching processes.The LAUDA-Noah Semistat thermoelectric temperature control systems are based onestablished principles of heat transfer used for Peltier elements. These elements allowquick and precise temperature control required for complex processes involved in themanufacture of components progressively getting smaller and smaller in size.Semistat temperature control systems can reduce energy consumptionby up to 90 % compared to compressor-based systems.Minimal space requirements with the option of underfloor installation at the point of use minimizes cleanroom use.
LAUDA Semistat S
TypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
S 1200 w/Purge15579770119,100.00Order
S 2400 w/Purge15579771124,000.00Order
S 4400 w/Purge15579772134,200.00Order

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