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LAUDA Proline PJ

Calibration and adjustment of temperatures from ?40 to 300 °C with LAUDA calibration thermostats. High-performance comprehensive solution for calibration and adjustment LAUDA calibration thermostats provide constant temperature and homogeneity in calibration and adjustment in the test chamber. Depending on the desired size, bath opening and usable depth, different types are available to choose from – each having variable testing chambers, as well as a comprehensive range of products and accessories. For maximum temperatures up to 300 °C, the compact models of the LAUDA Proline PJ 12 and PJ 12 C can be used.
LAUDA Proline PJ
TypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Proline PJ 121557966517,720.00Order
Proline PJ 12 C1557966618,430.00Order
Proline PJL 121557966718,180.00Order
Proline PJL 12 C1557966818,870.00Order

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