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Spektralphotometer NANOCOLOR® Advance

The spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® Advance, with Reference Detector Technology (RDT), provides precise and reliable measurement and can be used in the entire spectrum of water and wastewater analysis. It can also be used mobile due to its rechargeable battery. With an additional 860 nm LED, the device determines the nephelometric turbidity during each measurement of a tube test and warns of incorrect results.
  • Backlit colored 5" display with touch screen.
  • Fully automatic cuvette recognition via the integrated 2D barcode scanner.
  • Evaluation of NANOCOLOR® tube tests (16 und 24 mm), standard tests (10, 20, 40, 50 mm) and VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows.
  • Over 200 pre-programmed tests and special methods, 99 fully programmable methods, absorbance, transmission, factor, kinetics, 2-point calibration, scan, nephelometric turbidity measurement 1-1000 NTU.
  • Including manual (quick start guide), protective covering, power supply unit with country specific adapters, USB stick, calibration cuvette, certificate, cleaning cloth.
Technical Data:
Optical system:Single beam photometer with grating monochromator
Wavelength range:340 to 800 nm
Wavelength accuracy:± 2 nm
Wavelength reproducibility:± 0.1 nm
Spectral bandwidth:< 4 nm
Photometric range:± 3.0 A in the range 340 to 800 nm
Scattered light:< 0.5 %
Light source:Halogen lamp
Data memory:1000 measured values / spectra
Interfaces:2 x USB (Host), 1 x USB (Function)
Dimensions (W x D x H):280 x 325 x 130 mm
Weigth:3.8 kg
Power supply:110 ... 240 V, 12 V 3A DC
Protection class:IP67
Spektralphotometer NANOCOLOR® Advance  MACHEREY-NAGEL
TypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
NANOCOLOR Advanced1520495913,000.00Order

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