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Deterlabo® HW, sanitising detergent, impregnated wipes for surfaces

Deterlabo is a range of cleaning materials for surface and laboratory equipment hygiene. Different formulations and presentations are available, depending on the tpe of residue to be removed and the type of cleaning required, either manually or by machine.
Application: Wipes in a sanitising detergent based on quaternary compounds and amines, caustic and alkali-free, with a high surface cleaning power. Ideal product where thorough surface cleaning as well as a high sanitising action are required. Suitable for the hygiene of laminar flow cabinets. This solution is especially suitable for degreasing and sanitising all types of surfaces in a single clean.

How to use: Take a wipe from the dosing container and use it directly on the surface to be cleaned, letting the surface dry without rinsing. Use the same wipe until the dirt is removed or when it is no longer damp. Close the container lid after each use.
Deterlabo® HW, sanitising detergent, impregnated wipes for surfaces
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