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Deterlabo® P, alkaline detergent, powder for machine-washing

Deterlabo is a range of cleaning materials for surface and laboratory equipment hygiene. Different formulations and presentations are available, depending on the tpe of residue to be removed and the type of cleaning required, either manually or by machine.
Properties and applications:Powder alkaline chlorinated detergent, suitable for washing of any kind of labware in glassware washers, in any conditions. It does not alter the typical materials of labware: crystal, glass, pyrex, stainless steel, porcelain, plastic, etc.

Dosage: After prewash process (if necessary), use the product at a concentration between 2-6 g / l of water in the machine bath at 50 to 80 ºC, with final rinse until removal of alkaline residues.

NaOH and KOH: 5 - 15 %
Deterlabo® P, alkaline detergent, powder for machine-washing
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