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Accessories for Spectrometer & Cell Counter fluidlab R-300

TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
acella 100 sample carrier100 μm chamber height, 20 μl volume155713991on demand 
acella 50 sample carrier50 μm chamber height, 10 μl volume155713971on demand 
acella 20 sample carrier20 μm chamber height, 4 μl volume155714011on demand 
Sensor cleanercleaning sticks155713981on demand 
Transportation casespace for 1 fluidlab R-300, 2 acella boxes, charging equipment155713961on demand 
Adapter 01for cell counting and viability155713921on demand 
Adapter 02for spectrometric scatter measurements155714031on demand 
Adapter 03for spectrometric absorbtion measurements155714021on demand 
Adapter keyto change and remove adapters155713931on demand 
Power supply unit5 V155713941on demand 
USB cabletype-C to type-A155713951on demand 

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