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Water Baths WTB

Memmert is known for excellent operating concepts - the WTB water baths are just more proof of this.

The touchscreen impresses with its intuitive and convenient menu navigation. A particular highlight: thanks to the personalisable remote viewing through the CustomView, you always have an eye on the important information.

Perfect for everyday use in the laboratory: the high-quality st. steel container with rounded corners is easy to clean and can be completely drained using the standard drain valve without residue left behind. The compact ergonomic design means the Memmert WTB fits on any laboratory table.
Technical Data:
Working temperature range:5 °C above the ambient temperature up to 100 °C
Working temperature range with Peltier cooling unit CDP:10 to 100 °C
Water Baths WTB  Memmert
TypeCapacity lInside dimension (W x D x H) mmOutside dimensions (W x D x H) mmWeight approx. kgPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
WTB67.50277 x 217 x 150349 x 245 x 2896155717051on demand 
WTB1110.00267 x 207 x 200349 x 295 x 2897155717061on demand 
WTB1517.10482 x 277 x 150554 x 245 x 3499155717071on demand 
WTB2423.10472 x 267 x 200554 x 295 x 34910155717081on demand 
WTB3537.50602 x 482 x 150679 x 245 x 55414155717091on demand 
WTB5051.00592 x 472 x 200679 x 295 x 55416155717101on demand 

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