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CO2 Incubators with UV and Heat Sterilisation

Creating successful cell cultures requires an incubator that has a high level of precision and security and is easy to use. IncuSafe offers a variety of cell culture incubators that use advanced technology for unique temperature and CO2 (and in some models O2) control when processing different cell cultures. These deliver long-term performance, extremely reliability and efficiency.
  • inCu-saFe® interior (proactive contamination control, with copper enriched st. steel alloy). Combines the germicidal properties of copper and the corrosion resistance of st. steel.
  • SafeCell UV proactive contamination control: the UV lamp isolated from the cell cultures decontaminates the circulating air and the water in the water tub without damaging the cell cultures.
  • H2O2 decontamination technology: the unique high-speed decontamination system from PHCbi, uses gaseous H2O2 and enables time-saving and documented decontamination in the chamber with a high level of security. Electronic door lock, which the chamber locks automatically during the decontamination phase.
  • Dual hot air sterilisation (+ 180 °C). No interference and uninterrupted operation with stacked incubators during the sterilisation cycle (model: MCO-170AICUVD-PE).
  • Long-term good performance, optimal cell viability and successful tries. In addition, precise regulation of the CO2 concentration and temperature with simple operation and maintenance.
  • Patented DHA direct heating and air jacket system*: high-precision temperature control for further temperature constancy and fast temperature recovery times after opening the door.
  • Fast CO2 recovery times: with the PID controller and the dual infrared sensor achieves an ultra-fast CO2 recovery time without overheating. Even after opening the door several times.
  • The unique solid-state O2 zirconium oxide sensor in the multi-gas incubators enables precise regulation of physiological oxygen concentrations to simulate in vivo conditions.
  • Condensation regulation: this prevents undesired condensation in the chamber and possible contamination avoided.
  • Intuitive usability, simple control and clear display. Optical / acoustic temperature, door opening and power failure alarm. Connection options for remote alarm.
  • Exceptionally low CO2 consumption.
  • Silent operation.
  • 1 outer door (door with double-sided hinge, can be changed on site), 1 inner door, gas-tight, made of tempered glass*, 4 internal doors, gas-tight, made of tempered glass (for multi-gas incubators).
  • Shelves (inCu-saFe®, copper-enriched st. steel alloy).
  • Gehäusedurchführung (Standard).

Max. product safety*
Certified as a class IIa medical device (93/42 / EEC and 2007/47 / EU) for medical purposes for the storage of cells, tissues, organs and embryos.

Optional accessories:
H2O2 steam generator, H2O2 reagent bottle (1 set = 6-pack), multiple interior doors, CO2 gas pressure regulator, automatic CO2 bottle change system, inCu-saFe® shelf, inCu-saFe® half carrier system, stacking plate for placing two devices on top of each other, roller base.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:5 °C above ambient temperature up to 50 °C
Temperature control range and fluctuation:ambient temperature + 5 to + 50 °C, ± 0.1 °C
Temperature stability:± 0.25 °C (ambient temperature + 25 ºC, settings + 37 °C, CO2 5 %, no load) / ± 0.50 °C for MCO-80IC-PE
CO2 control range and fluctuation:0 to 20 %, ± 0.15 %
O2 control range and fluctuation:1 to 18 % and 22 to 80 %, ± 0.20 %
Humidity level and fluctuation:95 % RH, ± 5 %
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
Outer height~[mm]905.00
Innenbreite490.00 mm
Innentiefe523.00 mm
Innenhöhe665.00 mm
Gewicht80.00 kg
Handleno indication
Netzanschlussno indication
CO2 Incubators with UV and Heat Sterilisation  Panasonic
CO2 Incubators with UV and Heat Sterilisation  Panasonic
CO2 Incubators with UV and Heat Sterilisation  Panasonic
TypeklappbarInterior materialOuter width [mm]Outer depth [mm]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
MCO-170AICUVD-PE165.00copper st. steel alloy620.00755.0015448623113,757.82Order
Validation tests of laboratory devices / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM

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