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Stirring Elements

Paddle stirrer R 1001
Stirring element especially for the mixing of small volumes.

Paddle stirrer
Tangential flow, minimum turbulence, good heat exchange, gentle treatment of product. Used at low to medium speeds.

Moebius stirrer
Generates axial flow. For drawing the material to be mixed from above. For circulating and handling low to medium viscous liquids. Used at medium speeds.

Blade stirrer
Generates a radial flow. For drawing the material to be mixed from the top and bottom. For aerating of low viscosity media and for homogenizing solids in liquids. Used at medium to high speeds.
Stirring Elements  IKA
DescriptionStirrer-Ø mmShaft-Ø mmShaftlength mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Paddle stirrer R 1001344160158166181155.00Order
Paddle stirrer R 137615010550191970201351.00Order
Paddle stirrer R 231115013800191970461584.00Order
Moebius stirrer, small R 3001.110010565151996471408.00Order
Moebius stirrer, wide R 3001.110010575151912481430.00Order
Blade stirrer R 3004308359151912591286.00Order
Blade stirrer R 3004.15010565151920701396.00Order
Blade stirrer R 3004.27010819154483851507.00Order

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