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CryoCube® F101h Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

When it comes to maximising sample storage capacity at the bench, the Eppendorf CryoCube® F101h freezer sets the standard: up to 6,000 vessels below your bench in the lab. By taking advantage of ultra-efficient, compact vacuum insulation panels which are used in combination with traditional PU foam insulation, we slim down the freezer wall thickness from 130 mm to 80 mm. The footprint is limited to half a square meter, especially designed for small labs. The CryoCube F101h is stackable as an option. The temperature range for this freezer is between - 50 and - 86 °C.

  • Vacuum insulation panels allow for increased internal capacity with the same footprint as traditionally foamed freezers.
  • Inner doors are gasketed as well as insulated creating 2 separate compartments minimising cold air loss while you access your samples.
  • Easy-to-read LED control panel and alarm status.
  • Special vacuum vent with plunger ergonomically located to gain immediate access to your freezer.
  • Inner doors can be quickly removed without the need for tools for easier and faster defrosting.
  • Full st. steel interior for easy cleaning during maintenance and defrost cycles; powder-coated steel exterior.
  • Special low-temperature outer door seals allow gaskets to remain flexible at - 86 °C and prevent ice build-up for easy access to samples.
  • Password protection of alarm and temperature setpoints to prevent unauthorized setting changes.
Technical Data:
Cooling liquid:R290 / R170
Insulation:vacuum insulation panelling / PU foam
Footprint (W x D):90 x 56.6 cm
Temperature range:- 50 to + 86 °C
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
Innenhöhe640.00 mm
Outer width~[mm]900.00
Outer depth~[mm]556.00
Outer height~[mm]830.00
Max. Arbeitstemperatur-50.00 °C
Number of shelves2
TypeMin. ArbeitstemperaturVolumenInnenbreiteInnentiefePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
CryoCube® F101h ultra-low temperature freezer-86.00101.00480.00330.001520096217,566.46Order

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