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GESTICON Racks for Pipette Containers

Stainless steel racks with fixed angular position. For holding round pipette containers (e.g. VARICON RS) or rectangular pipette containers up to 72 x 72 mm. Handy storage solution for pipettes of different sizes at your working place or in the safety cabinet.
Breite195.00 mm
GESTICON Racks for Pipette Containers  schuett-biotec
TypeHöheDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
GESTICON E4 rack229.00for 4 pipette container190108041105.10Order
GESTICON E6 rack315.00for 6 pipette container190108051128.40Order
GESTICON E8 rack405.00for 8 pipette container190108061112.00Order

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