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High-Performance Disperser T25 easy clean control

More quiet, clean and even remote controlled: the T 25 easy clean high-performance disperser in the digital and control versions will change your dispersing experience.

These instruments hit the spot with electronic speed control from 3000 to 25000 min-1, a working volume of 1 to 2000 ml (water), a long service life both for the drive and tools, as well as a wide range of dispersing tools to choose from.

Medical samples are perfectly homogenised, cosmetics emulsified and paints suspended. Dispersion under vacuum or pressure is also possible in conjunction with an IKA laboratory reactor.
  • Timer.
  • USB-interface.

Items supplied:
User guide, extension arm, hexagon socket screw, screwdriver, USB 2.0 cable, warranty card.
Technical data:
Motor rating input / output:500 / 400 W
Volume range (H2O):0.001 to 2 l
Viscosity max.:5000 mPas
Speed:3000 to 25000 min-1, stepless, 2 % deviation, LED display
Noise without tool:70 dB(A)
Extension arm (Ø x L):13 x 160 mm
Process type:batch
Dimensions (B x T x H):89 x 161 x 270 mm
Weight:3.0 kg
Integrated temperature measurement
Yet another highlight is the patented, integrated temperature measurement in the T 25 easy clean control version. The temperature sensor is integrated into the tool and thus enables the permanent monitoring of the medium temperature.
High-Performance Disperser T25 easy clean control  IKA
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Dispersing elements for high-performance dispersers T25 easy clean / IKA-Werke

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