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OTAL® Disposable Universal Pumps

OTAL® pump with disposable delivery tube made of PE, for single use.

In OTAL® pumps the medium being transferred comes in contact only with the delivery tube. The disposable delivery tube can be replaced quickly and easily after use.

There is a danger with reusable pumps that the liquid being transferred will be contaminated by the pump, especially if the pump is used for different media or containers and it is not properly cleaned before the change.

A space-saving container pump is specially designed for single use, thereby completely eliminating time-consuming and cost-intensive cleaning as well as contamination.

The delivery tube of the liquid transfer pump is made of a single piece and can easily be shortened to the respective container height using the cutter included with delivery. This offers max. flexibility and guarantees good emptying of small remaining amounts from the container. The discharge of the delivery tube can also be shortened if necessary.

The disposable pump is ideal when special purity is important or if cleaning is difficult or not possible at all.
  • Disposable delivery tube made of PE, can be cut to length individually.
  • With universal plug made of soft PVC.
  • For container volumes Ø 30 to 70 mm.

Items supplied:
Pump ball, universal plug, cutter and 10 disposable delivery tubes.
Immersion depth~cm90
Delivery rate~ l / min14
OTAL® Disposable Universal Pumps  Bürkle
OTAL® Disposable Universal Pumps  Bürkle
OTAL® Disposable Universal Pumps  Bürkle
DescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
OTAL® disposable foot pump15448307178.80Order
OTAL® disposable hand pump15448308167.50Order
Delivery tubes for OTAL disposable universal pumps / Bürkle

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