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Benchtop Centrifuges Megafuge™ ST4 Plus / ST4R Plus
Thermo Scientific

The Multifuge™ ST Plus centrifuges are designed to offer improved performance, reliability, consistency and safety.

With fixed-angle rotor RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force) of over 25000 x g and swinging buckets rotor RCF of over 5590 x g, even the toughest separations can be completed better and faster. You can choose between ventilated or refrigerated 4 l (4 x 1000 ml) models.
  • Safe and easy rotor exchange with Auto-Lock™ technology.
  • Improved ergonomics through long-lasting Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors.
  • Bio-containment with glove-friendly ClickSeal™ biocontainment lids.
Technical Data:
Max. capacity (with TX-1000 rotor):196 x 5 / 7 ml blood tubes, 148 x 9 / 10 ml blood tubes, 96 x 15 ml conical tubes, 40 x 50 ml conical tubes, 6 microplates, 4 x 100 ml BioBottles
Max. RCF:25830 x g (with fixed angle rotor)
5590 x g (with swing bucket rotor)
Mains supply:230 V
Benchtop Centrifuges Megafuge™ ST4 Plus / ST4R Plus  Thermo Scientific
TypeCoolingWeight kgHeight mmWidth mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Megafuge™ ST4 Pluswithout89362556.001544798615,377.00Order
Megafuge™ ST4R Pluswith120361764.0015447987110,593.60Order
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