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SafetyWasteCaps 2.0 for HPLC Waste

Collect fluid waste safely - for protection of health and environment: SafetyWasteCaps block hazardous solvent vapours and provide safe pressure equalisation within the waste container. Due to high end materials, the caps are chemically resistant even against aggressive organic solvents.
  • The exhaust filter (A) catches escaping solvent vapours (B).
  • The active carbon (C) provides an active filtering surface of 1200 m² / g - optimised for solvent vapours.
  • Pre-filter (D) for optimised air flow.
  • Afterfilter (E) provides safe enclosure and keeps the filter clean.
  • Tubing and capillaries remain safely fixed (F).
  • No twisted tubing, freely rotatable cap enables easy container exchange (G).

Generation 2.0 (thread size GL45):
  • Body (H) made of medical grade PTFE, food safe, FDA conform.
  • Screw cap (G) made of PPS, autoclavable / sterilisable up to 200 °C.
  • PTFE and PPS material provides excellent chemical resistance and flammability classification V-0 (UL-94).
  • Improved FKM seals (I) for maximum tightness.
  • Improved PFA fittings (F).
  • Improved ergonomics, stable construction.
  • Insertion label (J) for individual description of your bottles.

Items supplied:
Fittings for capillary / tubing connections are included in delivery.
SafetyWasteCaps 2.0 for HPLC Waste  S.C.A.T
ThreadCapillary connection 2.3 / 3.2 mm outer ØHose connection 6.4 to 9.0 mm inner ØStopperPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
GL 453 x-1 x1323307912185.20Order
GL 452 x1 x2 x13233079231on demand 
GL 454 x1 x2 x13233089211174.30Order
Other thread sizes and configurations are available on request.
Please order the exhaust filter separately in the desired version.
Exhaust filters for SafetyWasteCaps 2.0 / S.C.A.T
Accessories for safety caps / safety waste caps / S.C.A.T

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