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Sartolab® MultiStation

Sartolab® MultiStation is a stand especially designed for the filtration of up to 6 samples in parallel. It allows a filtration of all samples at the same time. The MultiStation is permanently connected to a vacuum source; the vacuum filtration units can be easily installed in the MultiStation for quick and easy filtration of samples without extra time consuming connection.

Sartolab® MultiStation functions with the vacuum filtration units Sartolab® RF 50. The adapter connecting the funnel to the 50 ml sample tube perfectly suits into the bracket of the MultiStation.

One click and the filtration unit hangs in the device. That assures a perfect stability of the filter; with a second click, the vacuum is automatically applied and the filtration begins.

The rotating head is multi-directional and enables easy handling of your samples in front of you. Furthermore, all 6 brackets are numbered to avoid any confusion during the filtration of multiple samples.
  • One single vacuum source to enable the filtration of up to 6 samples at the same time.
  • Hands-free filtration.
  • Time saving: no extra installation time to vacuum for each single filter unit.

Vacuum tube for MultiStation
  • Material: silicone.
  • Outer Ø: 15 mm.
  • Inner Ø: 7 mm.
  • Length: 200 mm.
Sartolab® MultiStation  Sartorius®
DescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Sartolab® MultiStation1544741512,500.00Order
Vacuum tube for MultiStation1544741619.80Order

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