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Dräger Safety 
X-act 7000

The Dräger X-act 7000 analysis system consists of Dräger MicroTubes and an opto-electronic analysis device that let you measure gases in the low ppb range, precisely.

It gives you precise results right on site, replacing slow, expensive lab analyses. It's extremely easy to use: insert the Dräger MicroTubes, start measuring, then read out the test result.

Items supplied:
Basic device X-act 7000 incl. batteries, shoulder strap complete, MircoTube Demo, Torx T10 screwdrawer, USB cable 2 m with mini-connection.
X-act 7000  Dräger
TypeGas sensorResolutionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
X-act 7000no indication0,1 Vol.-%1544730013,267.00Order
Accessories for X-act 7000 / Dräger Safety

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