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PD-Tips II, Positive Displacement Tips, Non-Sterile

The PD-Tips II dispenser tips for efficient, step-by-step dispensing enhance the proven features of the classic BRAND PD-Tips.

Thanks to patented size coding, HandyStep® touch and HandyStep® electronic from BRAND automatically detect the tip volume. The tips are also compatible with all other instruments of the HandyStep® family and with repetitive pipettes from other manufacturers.

The positive displacement principle enables precision work, even with viscous media or media with high vapor pressure. With tightly sealed pistons, the PD-Tips II effectively protect the stepper from aerosols. This prevents contamination and ensures long service life of the instrument.
  • Compatible with automatic size detection:
HandyStep® touch, HandyStep® electronic, Gilson® Repetman®, Rainin AutoRep™ E.
  • Compatible without automatic size detection:
HandyStep® S, HandyStep®, Rainin AutoRep™ S, Rainin AutoRep™ M, Eppendorf® Multipette® 4780 and EDOS® 5221.
  • Manufactured from high-quality raw materials (cylinder: PP / piston: PEHD, 0.1 ml: LCP).
  • Comply with the requirements of ISO 8655.
  • Incl. batch certificate.
  • With adapter for 25 and 50 ml sizes.
  • Not autoclavable.
PD-Tips II, Positive Displacement Tips, Non-Sterile  BRAND
VolumenDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0.10PD-Tips II1005447007175.65Order
0.50PD-Tips II1005447008167.70Order
1.00PD-Tips II1005447009167.70Order
1.25PD-Tips II1005447010167.70Order
2.50PD-Tips II1005447011167.70Order
5.00PD-Tips II1005447012167.70Order
10.00PD-Tips II1005447013167.70Order
12.50PD-Tips II1005447014167.70Order
25.00PD-Tips II505447015138.13Order
50.00PD-Tips II255447016120.56Order
0.50Set PD tips II, 20 pcs. of each size 0.5 to 12.5 ml1405447027195.65Order

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