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Commissioning of Safety Workbenches

Commissioning includes the transport as well as the delivery free of charge to the place of use if the transport route is free and at ground level.

Please observe the dimensions of the unit with the local conditions, incl. freight lift (no stair transport - or only at extra charge), installation and commissioning in the laboratory, instruction and handover to the user.

Items supplied:
  • Inspection after installation before commissioning acc. to EN 12469 (formerly DIN 12950 part 10).
  • Electrical and ventilation safety test.
  • Instruction of the operating personnel.
DescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Commissioning of product protection cabinets150003611on demand 
Commissioning of microbiological safety cabinets with 2 filters150003621on demand 
Commissioning of microbiological safety cabinets with 3 filters150003631on demand 

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