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Labscope Imaging App

Simple and flexible - your imaging app for iPad.

Documenting images has never been easier: you have the power and functionality of PC-based software together with the ease of use of an iPad app.

With Labscope and the Axiocam ERc 5s camera, you can convert your microscope into a wirelessly connected imaging system. Whether in the laboratory, at the university or in school, with Labscope you can quickly and easily take pictures and videos of your microscopic samples.

You can add annotations, create reports, edit images and save your data within your Windows network - or share any of these, at any time.

Configured to your requirements


All microscopes with a camera interface Primo Star HDcam, Primovert HDcam, Stemi 305 cam.

Axiocam ERc 5s.

iPad imaging app Labscope (free download in iTunes store).

Documentation, image processing, camera control, storage on SD, iPad, PC, server (cloud), report function, social media, measurements / annotations, parallel display of several microscope cameras

Simpler. More intelligent. More integrated.
Itás your choice: HDMI, USB and LAN interfaces and an SD card slot offer you numerous options.

Use the HDMI interface to directly view on a screen without a PC.

Simply save images and videos to an SD card at the touch of a button.

Connect the camera with your Wi-Fi network and enjoy the benefits of the iPad imaging app Labscope.

You only need one tablet for all of the microscopes in the laboratory and you are networked to all users.

Created for your applications
Document results or dynamic processes for specific microscopes with images and videos directly on your iPad.

You can make direct comparisons with other images.

Take measurements, annotate the results and save them on the file server integrated in the network.

Load application images onto the iPad for talks and presentations and can use the image processing tools.

You can easily create an individual report.

Give a presentation live using your iPad.

You can network your classroom and move around freely.

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