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Petroleum Centrifuge Tubes

For determination of water and sediment in crude oil.

Permanent marking technology.
  • Markings and graduations applied using the Lazer-Fused™ technology (lasered onto the glass surface).
  • Superior resistance to aggressive solvents used in separation processing.
  • Unmatched readability and line uniformity throughout entire graduation range.

Outstanding volumetric accuracy.
  • The internal Ø is carefully controlled to maintain an accurate and reproducible tube.
  • The Lazer-Fused™ tubes provide the highest level of marking accuracy available.
  • Conforms to volume graduation requirements specified in API MPMS Chapter 10.4.
Petroleum Centrifuge Tubes  DURAN®
TypeDescriptionDetermination / DetectionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
DURAN® petroleum centrifuge tubesshort conein crude oils154467241290.94Order
DURAN® petroleum centrifuge tubesshort cone, graduation in percentin crude oils654467251254.94Order
DURAN® petroleum centrifuge tubeslong conein crude mineral oils154467261263.94Order
DURAN® petroleum centrifuge tubeslong cone, graduation in mlin liquified petroleum gases154467271212.94Order

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