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OxiTop®-i BOD Measuring System

BOD measuring made easy and safe.
  • No more conversions - the volume input occur directly and is menu-driven.
  • Max. safe measured values - display of the curve progression directly on the head.
  • Full information - intermediate values can be accessed at any time.

Modern BOD measurement
OxiTop®-i is a modern, easy-to-use BOD measuring system for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) with individually adjustable measuring spans between 1 and 7 days. You can select the volume of the samples in the menu. The conversion to the respective BOD value is automatic, error-free and convenient. A small LED indicates the operating status of the head at any time.

The two-colour heads in modern design help to distinguish between inlet and outlet thanks to their individually adjustable numerical sample identification.

A modern graphical display supports data input and delivers various information.
  • Display of curve progression.
  • Selection of sample volumene.
  • Intermediate values retrievable.

For OxiTop® sets incl. stirring platform and accessories (6 resp. 12 sample bottles PF 600, rubber sleeve GK 600 and 2 magnetic stirring bars RST 600 each) are available.
  • 6 resp. 12 measuring points.
  • Inductive stirring platforms with programmable run.
  • 2 overflow flasks for inlet and outlet measurement.
  • Incl. CO2 absorber and nitrification inhibitor.
Technical Data:
Pressure range:500 to 1250 hPa
Selectable measurement period:1 to 7 days
Selectable sample volume:22.7 / 43.5 / 97.0 / 164 / 250 / 365 / 432 ml
BOD measuring range:0 to 4000 mg / l
Display:backlit LCD graphic
Battery:1 x CR 2430
Mains supply:100 to 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
OxiTop®-i BOD Measuring System  WTW
OxiTop®-i BOD Measuring System  WTW
OxiTop®-i BOD Measuring System  WTW
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
OxiTop®-i IS 6 BOD measuring systemwith 6 measuring points, incl. universal plig-in opwer supply and accessories1544661312,729.002Order
OxiTop®-i IS 12 BOD measuring systemwith 12 measuring points, incl. universal plig-in opwer supply and accessories1544673114,667.002Order
OxiTop®-i SET 2for 2 measuring points, with 2 OxiTop®-i measuring heads (1 x blue, 1 x grey)154467371649.00Order
OxiTop®-i SET 6for 6 measuring points, with 6 OxiTop®-i measuring heads (3 x blue, 3 x grey)1544673811,828.00Order
2: plus additional transport cost
OxiTop-i measuring heads / WTW

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