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Withdrawal System for Solvents with Discharge Tube and Discharge Hose

To dispense high-purity liquids quickly and without complication: an excess pressure is produced in the container with pressurised gas. Hazardous media can be safely dispensed and accurately metered using the stop cock.
  • Operation with compressed air or inert gas (3 to 10 bar).
  • The barrel screw connection and shut-off valves seal off the barrel and pump hermetically - no vapours containing solvents can escape after dispensing.
  • Parts in contact with medium made of stainless steel (1.4301) and PTFE.
  • Transportable or mountable.
  • Incl. transport stands, earthing cable for pressure regulating unit, connecting hose, key and adapter for compressed air supply.
  • For UN tanks and barrels (test pressure at least 150 kpa).
TypeLength cmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Withdrawal system for solvents with discharge tube601544659911,115.80Order
Withdrawal system for solvents with discharge tube951544660011,217.70Order
Withdrawal system for solvents with discharge hose951544660111,299.25Order

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