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Cutting-Grinding Head MF 10.1

For crushing fibrous substances, such as paper and vegetation, but also for plastics and material with a low volume weight. Before being discharged, the ground material passes through a sieve. This sieve is interchangeable and available in different hole sizes (not included with delivery). The ground material can then be collected using a NS 29 standard ground vessel.
Technical Data:
Max. granularity of the task:
Circumferential speed:
max. 15 mm
24.5 m / s
Materials in contact with medium:st. steel (AISI 304, AISI 440B, AISI 316L)
Dimensions incl. MF 10 basic (W x D X H):320 x 300 x 560 mm
Weight incl. MF 10 basic:10.5 kg
Cutting-Grinding Head MF 10.1  IKA
DescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Cutting-grinding head MF 10.11573778114,008.00Order
Sieves MF for MF 0.25, MF 0.5, MF 1.0, MF 2.0, MF 3.0 and MF 4.0 / IKA-Werke

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