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Calibration Weights for Balances

St. steel. Weights can be used for tests acc. to OIML standard.
  • E2 provides the greatest accuracy und is ideal for analytical balances.
  • F1 weights are suitable for calibrating precision balances.
  • M1 weights have a low accuracy, making them affordable and ideal for low-priced balances such as compact- or benchtop balances.
TypeSizePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
F11 g154464681on demand 
F12 g154464871on demand 
F15 g154464861on demand 
F110 g154464851on demand 
F120 g154464841on demand 
F150 g15446483-0011on demand 
F1100 g15446462-0011on demand 
F1200 g15446466-0011on demand 
F1500 g15446463-0011on demand 
F11 kg154464641on demand 
F1100 g15446501-0011on demand 
F12 kg15446465-0011on demand 
F15 kg15446467-0011on demand 
F11 g bis 100 g154464901on demand 
E2100 g154464691on demand 
E2200 g154464701on demand 
E21 mg to 200 g1544648911,095.00Order
E21 g to 200 g154465041on demand 
M11 g154464961on demand 
M12 g154464971on demand 
M15 g154464981on demand 
M110 g15446499112.00Order
M120 g154465001on demand 
M150 g15446494114.00Order
M1100 g154464951on demand 
M1200 g154465031on demand 
M1500 g154464741on demand 
M11 kg15446471154.00Order
M120 kg154464921on demand 
M11 g to 100 g154464931on demand 
M110 kg154464911on demand 
M15 kg154464881on demand 
M12 kg154464721on demand 
M11 g to 2 kg154465021on demand 

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