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Accessories for Balances

Anti-vibration table
  • Scratch resistant marble slab.
  • Two table construction keeps the marble block in the middle and reduces interference.
  • Large working surface of 400 x 450 mm.
  • Room around the vibration slab for resting samples.
  • Light weight tubular aluminium frame.
  • Adjustable leveling feet for uneven surfaces.
  • Polished finish.
Accessories for Balances  ADAM
DescriptionForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Anti-vibration table-15198245-0011on demand 
Hook for underfloor weighingEBL precision balance 2 and 3 positions15446454125.00Order
ATP thermo printerdiv. balances15446479-0011on demand 
Thermo paperATP thermo printer154464821on demand 
Disposable sample pansPMB25051862971145.00Order
USB cableuniversal15446480-0011on demand 
In-use coverPMB15446453120.00Order
RS232 interface cableuniversal15446481128.00Order
In-use coverHCB15446455110.00Order
In-use coverHCB15446457135.00Order
In-use coverHCB15446458165.00Order
In-use coverCQT154464561on demand 
In-use coverCQT15446459135.00Order
In-use coverCQT15446460165.00Order
AdamDU data collection programme-15446461-0011on demand 
AdamDU data collection programmeHCB / CQT15446473190.00Order
Hard shell carry care with lockCPWplus15446475195.00Order
Slip-resistant rubber matCPWplus-L15446477123.00Order
Set for temperature calibration PMBdiv. balances154464781185.00Order

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