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Cole Parmer 
Pump Heads for Stopped Tubing

Minicassette (MS/CA)
  • Up to 16 or 24 channels using extension pump heads.
  • Quick and easy tubing change with MS/CA Click'n'go cassettes (included).
  • Accepts Ismatec three-stop tubing.
  • 1.5 bar (22 psi) differential pressure.*
  • 12 rollers (model MS/CA 4-12) provide lowest pulsation among Ismatec pump heads.

Standard Cassette (CA)
  • Higher flow rates than MS/CA series pump heads.
  • Fast and easy tubing change with CA Click'n'go cassettes (included).
  • 8 rollers offer low pulsation.
  • Select from 4, 8, or 12 channel pump heads.
  • Accepts Ismatec two-stop tubing.
  • 1.5 bar (22 psi) differential pressure.*

The flow rates are based on a drive speed of 1 to 240 min-1. For min. flow rate for BVP Standard drive, multiply the flow rate at 1 min-1 by 2.4. Approx. values are determined with water, at 22 °C, no differential pressure and Tygon® tubing.
Pump Heads for Stopped Tubing  Cole-Parmer®
TypeChannelsRollersFlow rate ml / minPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Mini cassette MS/CA 8-6860.002 to 100158283751on demand 
Standard cassette CA 4480.002 to 230158283791879.63Order
Standard cassette CA 8880.002 to 2301582838011,362.56Order
Standard cassette CA 121280.002 to 2301582838111,695.12Order
4-channel extension pump head4120.001 to 57158283781710.34Order
8-channel extension pump head860.002 to 100158283701586.30Order
* Differential pressure depends on tubing material; tubing with small IDs may enable higher pressure.

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