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Overhead Stirrer Hei-TORQUE Core

The Hei-TORQUE series has a suitable solution for all requirements, incl. small and light equipment, easy operation with high torque, precise adjustment options and an interface for documentation.

Leading Safety Standards
The Hei-TORQUE rangeás powerful and sparkless motors are made for safe and unsupervised continuous operation. In the event of continuous overload, the motor shuts down to prevent overheating. Additional safety settings, such as slow ramp-up and speed limits protect you from splashes. The sealed housing with IP 54-class protection protects against short circuiting and corrosion.

Superior Ease of Use
The right model for every application: with the broad power spectrum of 40 to 400 Ncm, you can find the right solution for every application. All models come with a quick-clamping system for immediate and convenient 'one-hand' impeller changing without the need for tools. The powerful motors achieve homogeneous results - with exact speed even under changing loads or high viscosity - and produce little noise.

Reduced Cost of Ownership
These powerful and robust overhead stirrers are made for continuous operation: maintenance-free motors prevent downtimes and repair costs; the sealed housing reliably protects the electronics and mechanisms against corrosion and short circuiting. The high torque ensures max. efficiency for min. processing times - even high-viscosity media such as gels can be processed in large quantities.
  • 3-year warranty on all devices and an average operational lifespan of 10 years.
  • Multi-stage quality checks in development and production.
  • Premium service acc. to the 'research made easy' principle.
Lightweight for big tasks. The compact design allows for integration in closed systems, such as fume hoods, reactors or production systems. Suitable for low- to medium-viscosity media up to 25 l.
  • Control knob for rotation speed, pushing starts or stops the function.
  • Timer.
  • Max button for short-term operation at max. speed.

The large Ø of the chuck (10 mm) allows you to use even large impellers and VISCO JET® tools. This facilitates a wide variety of applications, such as homogenisation, dispersing, the dissolving of agglomerates and more.
Technical Data:
No. of speed gears:1
Speed range:20 to 2000 min-1
Max. stirring capacity H2O:25 l
Dimensions unit (W x H x D):
70 x 195 x 282 mm
2.3 kg
Dimensions rod (Ø x L):13 x 160 mm
Speed indicator:digital monochrome 2"
Speed control:electronic
Overload protection:automatic cut-out
Motor protection:temperature control software
Admissible session:continuous operation
Max. Ø shaft:10.5 mm
Ambient temperature range:5 to 31 °C at 80 % rel. humidity, 32 to 40 °C linearly decreasing to 50 % RH
Protection class (DIN EN 60529):IP 42
TypeTorque max. NcmViscosity max. mPasWeight kgPower input / output WPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Hei-TORQUE Core400100002.3105 / 75154462241918.00Order
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