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HERAfreeze™ HLE Ultra-Low Freezers
Thermo Scientific

HERAfreeze™ HLE series ultra-low freezers offer dependable - 80 °C storage with energy-savings and sustainability features. A quiet sound output enables the freezer to come out of the hallway and into the lab.
  • Maximising storage capacity.
  • Fast door opening recovery in as little as 13 min.
  • 0.93 °C steady-state temperature variation over time.
  • Long warm-up time from - 80 to - 50 °C in 5 h.
  • 4 storage capacities for 5 cm boxes.
  • Easy-to-use set-up wizard, event log, temperature mapping and data downloads via touchscreen - capacitive touch even when using latex gloves.
  • Touchscreen data logging and temperature mapping and built-in USB port for exporting data.
  • Advanced security features: alarm settings, password-protected controller, padlock-compatible doors and optional access card entry.
  • Ergonomic design: comfortable door handle, eye-level touchscreen and shelf-level placement that do not require floor-level loading of racks.
  • 5 inner doors minimise ambient temperature during sample retrieval.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:- 50 to + 86 °C
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 50 Hz
HERAfreeze™ HLE Ultra-Low Freezers  Thermo Scientific
TypeCapacity lInside dimension (W x D x H) mmOutside dimensions (W x D x H) mmFor no. of Cryo BoxesWeight kgPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
HLE30086V422452 x 719 x 1301584 x 955 x 198130032315445924113,245.00Order
HLE40086V549588 x 719 x 1301719 x 955 x 198140031215195630114,292.00Order
HLE50086V682730 x 719 x 1301864 x 955 x 198150033315195651115,388.00Order
HLE60086V816873 x 719 x 13011006 x 955 x 198160037215195786116,496.00Order
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