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Heinz Herenz 
Identification Swab
Heinz Herenz

  • Idenfication swab with selective medium.
  • Sterile.
  • Plastic tube approx. 150 x 12 mm (height x Ø).
Identification Swab  Heinz Herenz
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ISM swab, with XLD agarfor the identification of Salmonella, Shigella and Coliform bacteria90054458891on demand 
ISM swab, with Oxford agara selective medium for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes90054458901on demand 
ISM swab, with plate count agarfor the bacteriological test on food, water, milk and other dairy products90054458911on demand 
ISM swab, with Coliform agara selective medium for the detection of E. Coli in food and water90054458921on demand 

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