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Glass Fibre Filters Type GF6 / GF8 / GF9 / GF10 / GF20 with Binder

Recommended for environmental analysis and controlling both air and water pollution.
  • Made of 100 % borosilicate glass fibers with binders.
  • Chemically stable in acidic solutions (except hydrofluoric acid) and alkaline solutions in moderate concentrations.
  • Extremely low content in metals.
  • High flow speed and high permeability to air.
  • Usable as pre-filter for membranes (GF9).

  • Deposition of (radioactive) aerosols and monitoring of nuclear power plants (GF6).
  • Gravimetrical analysis of organic and inorganic impurities in water and waste water acc. to DIN 38409 and EN 872 (GF6).
  • Measurement of immission, measurement of dust in air and gases, monitoring of the efficiency of filtration (GF8, GF9).
  • Measurement of dust release in workplace and production processes and the purification of compartment air (GF8, GF9).
  • Measurement of scintillation (GF6).
  • Fast clear filtration of aqueous solutions and for degassing (GF20).
Materialborosilicate glass 3.3
Binding agentinorganic
Glass Fibre Filters Type GF6 / GF8 / GF9 / GF10 / GF20 with Binder  Hahnemühle
TypeHöheLength [mm]BreiteWeight [g/m2]Filter typePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Sorte GF625.00  80filter circle1005445808122.30Order
Sorte GF647.00  80filter circle1005445809134.00Order
Sorte GF650.00  80filter circle1005445810144.50Order
Sorte GF655.00  80filter circle1005445811169.70Order
Sorte GF670.00  80filter circle1006357467188.50Order
Sorte GF690.00  80filter circle10054458131122.50Order
Sorte GF6100.00  80filter circle10054458141193.40Order
Sorte GF6125.00  80filter circle10051453021209.90Order
Sorte GF6185.00  80filter circle10054458161321.60Order
Sorte GF890.00  75filter circle1005446237170.70Order
Sorte GF8 60.0090.0075filter sheet30054462381211.60Order
Sorte GF950.00  70filter circle1005446239136.70Order
Sorte GF990.00  70filter circle1005446240164.80Order
Sorte GF1047.00  70filter circle1005446241129.80Order
Sorte GF10100.00  70filter circle1005446242198.10Order
Sorte GF20150.00  82filter circle25054475131311.20Order
GF6 / GF8 / GF9 with inorganic binders, GF10 and GF20 with organic binders.

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