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Innova® S44i Incubator Shakers

Innova® S44i is a large capacity, stackable shaker with temperature control functionality. It is designed to provide max. flask and weight capacity at a compact footprint. Eppendorf X-Drive with software-guided counterbalance adjustment supports smooth shaking of uneven and heavy loads at high speeds.
All Innova® S44i in a triple stack can be operated at max. speed.
  • Highest flask capacity in a smaller footprint - grow more cells in less space.
  • The proprietary Eppendorf X-Drive with semi-automatic counterbalance technology provides smooth and uniform agitation.
  • High temperature uniformity across chamber for reproducible results.
  • Easily reach all your samples using the slide-out platform.
  • Glide-up doors for convenient and effortless access.
  • Optimise your space with double- and triple-stacked configurations.
  • The touchscreen user interface provides easy operation. Alarm status, event log, and user information is just one touch away.
  • Create multi-step programs for automated control of the shaker.
  • Photosynthetic LED light bank for plant and algae growth.
  • Wide range of accessories and platforms.
Technical Data:
Temperature accuracy:± 0.1 °C at 37 °C
External height (with lid / door open):115.8 cm
Dimensions (W x D x H):118.2 x 86.9 x 63.1 cm
Timer:0.01 to 95.59 h, continuous
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Innova® S44i Incubator Shakers  Eppendorf
TypeSpeed range min-1Orbit mmWeight kgPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Innova® S44i, incubation20 to 4002519815197048117,610.00Order
Innova® S44i, with refrigeration20 to 4002519815195334120,080.00Order
Innova® S44i, with refrigeration, LED photosynthesis light bench20 to 4002519815447848122,890.00Order
Innova® S44i, incubation20 to 3005118615445657117,610.00Order
Innova® S44i, with refrigeration20 to 3005118615197562120,080.00Order
Innova® S44i, with refrigeration, LED photosynthesis light bench20 to 3005118615447849122,890.00Order

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