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BluePower™ Power Supplies

The power supplies are designed for high voltage applications like isoelectric focusing, horizontal 2D gel electrophoresis. It comes with a special mode for low current applications such as IEF: the power supply can meassure currents as low as 10 microAmps and keep itás voltage constant at even 0 current. Other applications like SDS PAGE and submarine electrophoresis can be performed as well. 4 x 2 outlets, programmable auto cross over function, programmable data storage and export via USB.
BluePower™ Power Supplies  SERVA
TypeVoltage VCurrent mAPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
BluePower™ 3000 HPE™ Power Supply30003001544565612,535.00Order
BluePower™ 300 Blot Power30020001544567011,774.50Order
Further BluePower™ power supplies are available by request.

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