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Digital Orbital Shaker
Heathrow Scientific

The Digital Orbital Shaker is compact yet packed full of high-end features making it a dependable and versatile shaker for a vast range of protocols. A soft-start feature reduces spills from full vessels and adjustable speeds accommodate sensitive sample agitation to more vigorous applications. A non-stop optical motor feedback enables the unit to instantly adjust to weight changes and unbalanced loads for truly reproducible results.
  • Suitable for use in incubators and cold rooms within the stated temperature range.
  • Universal hi-lo platform and bungee cords allows you to create your own holding matrix for vessels of all shapes and sizes.
  • Back lit display is easy to read. Time and speed can be separately set.

Items supplied:
  • Digital Orbital Shaker.
  • Universal hi-lo platform.
  • Skid-free rubber platform mat.
  • 8 bungee cord set.
  • Universal power adapter 110 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, with 4 interchangeable plug types.
Technical Data:
Speed range:20 to 300 min-1, 1 min-1 increments
Orbit Ø:19.0 mm
Timer range:0 to 49 h, 1 s increments or continuous
Max. load:4.5 kg with an overload protection cut out
Mains supply:110 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz with 4 interchangeable plug adapters
Ambient conditions:2 to 40 °C; 20 to 80 % r.h., non-condensing
Useable dimensions:279 mm x 279 mm
Overall dimensions:314 mm x 197 mm x 310 mm
Guarantee:5 years
Displayno indication
Descriptionpurple / grey
Digital Orbital Shaker  Heathrow Scientific
Digital Orbital Shaker  Heathrow Scientific
Digital Orbital Shaker  Heathrow Scientific
Digital Orbital Shaker  Heathrow Scientific
TypeShaking motionMax. DrehzahlKorbbeladung max.ColourPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Digital Orbital Shakerorbital300.004.50grey1544495911,384.11Order
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