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CryoCube® High-Efficiency Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Eppendorf offers 3 lines of freezers to meet a variety of needs: the Eppendorf high-efficiency ULT freezers set new milestones in energy efficiency whereas the Eppendorf Innova® ULT freezers and the Eppendorf ULT freezers have established a reputation for preserving outstanding sample quality while minimising energy consumption. Combined with rapid delivery and service, Eppendorf freezers continue to raise the bar. From initial product design to final delivery, Eppendorf freezers meet the highest standards for quality. We want to provide you with high performance, sample safety and convenience.
Technical Data:
Volume:740 l
Inner dimensions (W x D x H):86.5 x 62.1 x 139 cm
Outer dimensions (W x D x H):109.9 x 98 x 197.3 cm
Temperature:- 50 to - 86 °C
Min. Arbeitstemperatur:-86.00 °C
Volumen:740.00 l
Innenbreite:865.00 mm
Innentiefe:621.00 mm
Innenhöhe:1390.00 mm
Outer width~[mm]:1099.00
Outer depth~[mm]:980.00
Outer height~[mm]:1973.00
Max. Arbeitstemperatur:-50.00 °C
CryoCube® High-Efficiency Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers  Eppendorf
TypeNumber of shelvesHandleCoolingPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
CryoCube® F740hi3leftair15445552116,490.00Order
CryoCube® F740hi3rightair15445553117,270.00Order
CryoCube® F740hi5leftair15445554116,490.00Order
CryoCube® F740hi5rightair15445555117,270.00Order
CryoCube® F740hiw3rightwater15445558116,960.00Order
CryoCube® F740hiw5rightwater15445559116,960.00Order
CryoCube® F740h3leftair15447845114,900.00Order
CryoCube® F740h3rightair15447846115,650.00Order
CryoCube® F740h5[_63/4_]air15199400114,900.00Order
CryoCube® F740h5leftair15447847115,650.00Order

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