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Accessories for Safety Funnels with Level Control

Angle adapter:
The angle adapter evens inclined canister openings out. Place laboratory glass and sample bottles on the sieve and let them drip of easily and safely. The adapter is made of electrostatic conductive PEHD.

10 l canister with S 60 thread:
Europe safety funnel with level control. UN approved for transport of hazardous goods on roads and plant premises. All black canisters are made of electrostatic conductive PEHD.

Collecting tray with base insert:
  • Suitable for SCAT security system.
  • Made of electrostatic conductive PEHD.

Grounding cable:
  • Prevents static charges which lead to sparkling.
Accessories for Safety Funnels with Level Control  S·C·A·T
DescriptionCapacity lMaterialThreadSize (W x D x H) mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Collecting tray with base insert-PE-HD-285 x 385 x 9513231179851269.00Order
Collecting tray with base insert-PE-HD-295 x 415 x 20013231179861349.00Order
Grounding cable----1323117982139.90Order
Canister10PE-HDS 60185 x 290 x 2651323107953-0011on demand 
Angle adapter-PE-HD--13231080581119.00Order

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