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LED Light Bar Sets

LED light bar sets are suitable for illuminating the interior of BINDER climate chambers of various series and sizes with low light intensities. They are easy to install and provide flexible placement. The high-quality white light LED modules are water-protected and cast in robust aluminum profile rails.

Items supplied:
2 LED light bars, 4 spring-steel fastening clips, 6 fixing clips made of plastic, tesa Powerstrips®, control unit for up to 4 LED strip lights.
Technical Data:
Light bars
Light colour:6500 K (cool daylight)
Operating temperature range:-10 to 60 °C
Protection class:IP 65
Control unit
Mains supply:100 to 240 V
Dimmer:0 to 100 %
Timer:digital, for daily and weekly programme
Fastening:magnetically to the chamber
LED Light Bar Sets  BINDER
LED Light Bar Sets  BINDER
LED Light Bar Sets  BINDER
LED Light Bar Sets  BINDER
TypeLength cmLight intensity lxSuitable forPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Basic set 30030540KB 53, KB 115, KT 53, KBF 115, KBF 240, KBF 720, KBF 10201544480711,112.00Order
Basic set 50050670KB 115, KB 240, KB 400, KB 720, KT 115, KT 170, KBF 115, KBF 240, KBF 7201544480811,183.00Order
Basic set 90090690KB 400, KB 720, KBF 720, KBF 10201544480911,378.00Order

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