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ST tube with stirring device:mixing, stirring, extractions, preparation of soil sample, suspensions, solubility testing for medications
DT tube with rotor-stator element:dispersion, homogenisation, suspensions, pharmocokinetics, metabolism studies, diagnosis
BMT G / S tube for grinding with glass balls (6) or with st. steel balls (S):dry milling of dry and brittle samples (e. g. kaolin, gypsum, coloured pigments, tablets), cell maceration, processing of materials mixed with fluids
TypeDescriptionVolume mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-20tube with stirring device202555712321197.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-20 Gtube for grinding with glass balls202555712341220.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-20 Stube for grinding with st. steel balls202555712351220.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-20-M-gammatube with stirring device, g-sterilised202054239821220.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-20tube with rotor-stator element202554294151205.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-20-M-gammatube with rotor-stator unit, g-sterilised202054239831242.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-20-S-M-gammatube for grinding with st. steel balls, g-sterilised202054239841253.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-20-S-IVD.50tube for grinding with st. steel balls, g-sterilised, IVD20152021561on demand 
ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-50tube with stirring device50105423985198.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-50tube with rotor-stator unit501054239861110.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-50-Gtube for grinding with glass balls501054239881132.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-50-Stube for grinding with st. steel balls501054239871132.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® ST-50-M-gammatube with stirring device, g-sterilised501054239891155.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® DT-50-M-gammatube with rotor-stator unit, g-sterilised501054239901176.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX® BMT-50-S-M-gammatube for grinding with st. steel balls, g-sterilised501054239911188.00Order

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