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Rotary Evaporators Rotavapor® R-220 Pro

The Rotavapor® R-220 Pro family includes different platforms to meet the challenging needs of scale-up and production laboratories: maximum flexibility with the widest variety of glass assemblies, high performance for fastest distillation rates, continuous operation with automatic draining and refilling. The integrated interface I-300 Pro guarantees a reproducible and safe evaporation process. Process can be exported on an SD card for further analysis and traceability purpose. Enables the continuous recording of all process parameters.

Easy and safe
  • User-friendly design with programmable methods guiding through SOPs, automatic distillation even of challenging foaming samples and remote monitoring on mobile phone with push notifications.
  • Convenient flask handling with patented Büchi flask coupling and unique flask handler.
  • Max. safety guaranteed by plastic coated glassware and additional protection shields and grids.

  • Different R-220 Pro platforms to match your specific needs: max. flexibility, highest performance, large volumes or essential demands.
  • 7 glass assemblies available for various uses, including distillation of foaming samples, recrystallisation under reflux and height restrictions.
  • System extension easily possible with a wide range of accessories, such as automatic foam detection, temperature monitoring, coolant flow control and many more.

Made to last
  • Long lifetime through exclusive use of corrosion-free st. steel.
  • No risk of product contamination by use of highly chemical resistant materials.
-Seamless 24 / 7 operation thanks to robust industrial design.
Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x D x H):1200 x 710 x 1750 mm
Weight (dry):100 kg
Power consumption:5000 W
Rotation speed:5 to 150 min-1
Vacuum pump:V-600
Interface unit:I-300 Pro
Heating bath
Heating capacity:

water or oil
3600 W (3 W / cm2): ambient to 180 °C
4200 W (only for water): ambient to 100 °C
6300 W (only for water): ambient to 100 °C
Recirclulating Chiller
Dimensions (W x D x H):
2500 W at 15 °C
1100 x 660 x 560 mm
Voltage 50 / 60 Hz400
Capacity l20
Rotary Evaporators Rotavapor® R-220 Pro  BÜCHI
TypeGlass assemblyDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
R-220 Pro2 evaporation flask for 10 lcoated 'reflux'15192943131,546.80Order
R-220 Pro1 evaporation flask for 10 lcoated 'reflux'15444739127,810.00Order
R-220 Pro1 evaporation flask for 10 lcoated 'descending'15444741131,460.40Order
Other product combinations and components are available.
Recirculating Chiller F-325 / Büchi

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