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Accessories for Pipette Carrousel 2 and Charger Carrousel 2

Choose from a broad range of holders for all current manual and electronic Eppendorf liquid handling instruments and most predecessors. Place your pipette and Multipette where you need them: mounted to a wall, on the shelf above your bench or inside a biological safety cabinet. In addition, all holders can be inserted into pipette carrousel 2. Charger shells for installation into charger carrousel 2 are available as well and offer charging functionality.
  • Robust electrical contacts designed for long operational lifetime without the need for replacement.
  • V-shaped charging contacts ensure stable electrical connection between charger shell and electronic device.
  • Cord wrap functionality for unused power cord keeps your lab bench nice and tidy.
  • A small footprint with a Ø of 18.5 cm makes stands and carousels ideal when space is at a premium.
  • Intelligent charging electronics keeps an eye on up to 6 Eppendorf Xplorer pipettes or electronic Multipettes.
  • Quick-release magnetic power connector protects pipettes and Multipettes from falling.
  • Sticky tape is included.
Material:no indication
Sterile:no indication
Accessories for Pipette Carrousel 2 and Charger Carrousel 2  Eppendorf
TypePipette accessoriesForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Pipette holder 2standEppendorf Research® / plus, Reference® / 2 , Biomaster® and charger carrousel 215193808132.20Order
Pipette holder 2standEppendorf Xplorer® or Xplorer® plus15444707141.70Order
Pipette holder 2standEppendorf Multipette® E3 / E3x or Multipette® stream / Xstream15444708141.70Order
Pipette holder 2standEppendorf Multipette® M4 and charger carrousel 215444709141.70Order
Charger shell 2charger standEppendorf Xplorer® or Xplorer® plus15444710154.70Order
Charger shell 2charger standEppendorf Multipette® E3 / E3x or Multipette® stream / Xstream15444711154.70Order

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