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Accessories for Eppendorf Pipettes

Protect your precious liquid handling device from possible damage, contamination or chemicals spilled on the bench. The stands for single instruments have a robust design and securely hold one manual or electronic device. With the Charger Stand 2, your Xplorer®, Xplorer® plus or Multipette® E3 / E3x is always fully charged and ready for use. The innovative Pipette Stand 2 carries 1 Multipette® M4. This stand is also perfect for 1 single or multi-channel Research® plus or Reference® 2 pipette when used with the corresponding pipette holder.
  • Rotatable holders carry all current manual Eppendorf pipettes and most predecessors.
  • Pictograms clearly label pipette holders and charger shells for easy assignment in the lab.
  • Fast interchangeable pipette holders and charger shells, no tool required.
  • Downwards compatible holders for Eppendorf Research and Reference manual pipettes.
  • Large carrying handle for easy transport of carousels from bench to bench.
  • Large rubber feet protect carousels and stands from liquids spilled on lab bench.
  • Charger Stand 2 will be operated with mains / power adapter supplied with Eppendorf Xplorer® or Xplorer® plus or the Eppendorf Multipette® E3 / E3x or Multipette stream / Xstream.
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Accessories for Eppendorf Pipettes  Eppendorf
TypePipette accessoriesForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Charger carousel 2charger standEppendorf Xplorer® or Xplorer® plus154447021493.00Order
Charger stand 2charger standEppendorf Multipette® E3 / E3x or Multipette® stream / Xstream154447051261.00Order
Charger stand 2charger standEppendorf Xplorer® or Xplorer® plus154447041261.00Order
Pipette stand 2standEppendorf Multipette® M4, without charging functionality154447031121.00Order
Additional pipette holders are optionally available.

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