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Low Temp PCR© Racks, 96 Wells
Heathrow Scientific

The patent pending design offers a unique lid the rack slides out from, and then rotates 180º, to become a convenient stand the rack sits on. Ergonomic textured finger grips provide a secure hold, reducing the chance of dropping the PCR© racks, and makes handling and transportation easy, especially when using gloves. The lid has a side opening that enables faster cooling of samples to ensure integrity and is made from translucent PC for easy sample and well identification. The PCR© rack have a closed base design that helps samples integrity by staying cold longer. The lid is detachable and ambidextrous; it can be switched to accommodate left or right hand orientation.
  • Can be used for freezer storage down to - 80 ºC.
  • Holds 96 x 0.2 ml tubes, individual or strip.
  • The rack base is made from robust ABS construction.
  • Alpha-numeric ID location.
  • Stackable.
Low Temp PCR© Racks, 96 Wells  Heathrow Scientific
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