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QuikSip BT-Aspirator


The hand-held aspirator is designed for safe and fast aspiration of common laboratory liquids used in biology, food chemistry and medicine.

Highlights at a glance:
  • Safe removal of supernatants (up to max. 25 ml per plunger stroke), e. g. biological solutions, nutrient media, polar solvents, aqueous solutions.
  • Works without in-house vacuum source or vacuum pump.
  • Fingertip vacuum control using the cell-culture unit.
  • Works as single channel or 8-channel aspirator (manifold optional).
  • Suitable for use with disposable pipette tips, micropipettes and Pasteur-pipettes.
  • Adapter and suction tube of the cell-culture unit are autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) acc. to DIN EN 285 (dispensing cartridge and pump unit are not autoclavable).
  • Items supplied: QuikSip™ BT-Aspirator, 1 cell-culture™ unit incl. suction tube and 3 adapters, 1 operating manual, 1 spare dispensing cartridge, 2 PP adapters (GL 45 / 32 and GL 45 / S 40).
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