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Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital

Mixing, heating, cooling or all at once? With the IKA Matrix, there is a powerful product family of thermoshakers available.

Regardless whether blood samples, pharmaceutical agents, DNA / RNA samples or ELISA assays - samples with even the smallest volumes are mixed reliably and completely in all laboratory applications. No cross-contamination and an optimal mixing result.

Intuitive use
The large clear display allows an absolutely intuitive navigation. A user-friendly, self-explanatory menu structure awaits you.

High speed
Speeds of up to 3000 min-1 ensure that the liquid is mixed particularly quick and effective thanks to its orbital movement.

Extra stable housing
Excellent stability and everyday robustness is achieved by the aluminium die cast housing. This ensures a secure positioning and strengthens the whole device.

Variable inserts
There is an extensive range of accessories available for the IKA Matrix series that allows the optimal operation of your specific application.
Technical Data:
Type of movement:orbital
Min. speed:300 min-1
Heating temperature:RT + 5 to + 100 °C (Matrix Orbital D F0.5 / D F1.5 / D F2.0 / D FP)
RT - 30 to + 100 °C (Matrix D+)
RT - 15 to + 100 °C (Matrix Orbital D+)
Shaker Ø~[mm]3.00
Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital  IKA
Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital  IKA
Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital  IKA
Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital  IKA
Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital  IKA
Thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital  IKA
TypeDescriptionInsert beakersMax. DrehzahlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
IKA Matrix Orbitalmixingvariable3000.001544836011,699.00Order
IKA Matrix Orbital D F0.5mixing, heatingfix, 24 x 0.5 ml tubes2000.001544836312,299.00Order
IKA Matrix Orbital D F1.5mixing, heatingfix, 24 x 1.5 ml tubes1500.001544836112,299.00Order
IKA Matrix Orbital D F2.0mixing, heatingfix, 24 x 2.0 ml tubes1500.001544836412,299.00Order
IKA Matrix Orbital D FPmixing, heatingfix, microplates2000.001544836212,299.00Order
IKA Matrix D+mixing, heating, coolingvariable2000.001544836611,999.00Order
IKA Matrix Orbital D+heating, coolingvariable3000.001544836512,499.00Order
Accessories for thermoshakers IKA Matrix Orbital / IKA-Werke

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