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Dach Schutzbekleidung 

Acc. to HACCP concept.

PP overshoes:
Made of non-woven fabric. It is attached with an overlock seam from heel to toe. The opening of the shoe is an overlock seam bordered elastic strap. The sole is gummed.

PE overshoes:
Made of recyclable synthetic sheet that is liquid proof. The opening is attached with a fused elastic strap.
Technical Data:
Elastic strap:high-grade PU, latex-free (PP)
natural rubber (PE)
Thread:100 % PE, 17 to 18 tex (PP)
shoe typeovershoe
Breite16.00 mm
Overshoes  DACH
Shoe sizeColourLength [mm]MaterialPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR Order qty.
Order qty.
no indicationwhite44.00PP15445343-0011on demand 11
no indicationblue42.00PE1005445352111.44Order2020

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