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Test Tube Racks, Coloured

Sturdy construction, stackable. Test tube racks are made of filled PP (density 1.2 g / cm³), will not float in waterbath.
  • Alphanumerical positions to clear sample identification.
  • Wide spaces between the positions.
Operating temperature: - 20 to + 90 °C.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • Racks are supplied in three pieces for convenient and permanent assembly.
Breite:126.00 mm
Test Tube Racks, Coloured  BRAND
Compartment width [mm]No. of compartmentsHöheTiefeColourPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
13.008413.0075.00white551932401 67.25Order
13.008413.0075.00blue551932411 67.25Order
13.008413.0075.00red551932421 67.25Order
16.005516.0075.00white551932301 67.25Order
16.005516.0075.00blue551932311 67.25Order
16.005516.0075.00red551932321 67.25Order
16.005516.0075.00yellow151932331 on demand 
18.005518.0075.00white551932451 67.25Order
18.005518.0075.00blue551932461 67.25Order
18.005518.0075.00red551932471 67.25Order
20.004020.0075.00white551932501 67.25Order
20.004020.0075.00blue551932511 67.25Order
20.004020.0075.00red551932521 67.25Order
20.004020.0075.00yellow151932531 on demand 
25.003225.0088.00white551932551 67.25Order
25.003225.0088.00red551932561 67.25Order
25.003225.0088.00blue551932571 67.25Order
25.003225.0088.00yellow551932601 67.25Order
30.002130.0088.00blue551932611 67.25Order
30.002130.0088.00red551932621 67.25Order

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