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PCR Strips of 8 with detaches cap strips

BRAND has significantly expanded its product range of extra-thin-wall disposable products, which were specially developed to satisfy the demands of PCR applications!

Quality features:
  • Suitable for use in common thermal cyclers.
  • PP, extra-thin uniform wall thicknesses to provide the optimal thermal transfer and short cycle times.
  • 96-well PCR plates with blue alphanumeric code and cut corner marking.
  • Highly clear flat covers optimally suited for qPCR.
  • DNase-, DNA- and RNase-free.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • White PCR plates are available for best results with quantitative real-time PCR.
PP. 8 connected 0.2 ml tubes. Separate, domed or flat caps are available in strips of 8. They are easy to open and close without tools. The tubes have a holding strap at one end, and the cover strips on each cap have a small lip on the side for careful, contaminationfree opening.
PCR Strips of 8 with detaches cap strips  BRAND
VolumenColourDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0.20colourlessPCR tubes, qPCR1255409374194.70Order
0.20pinkPCR tubes1255423623194.70Order
0.20yellowPCR tubes1255423624194.70Order
0.20greenPCR tubes1255423625194.70Order
0.20whitePCR tubes, qPCR12554225901108.85Order
0.20bluePCR tubes1255423626194.70Order
0.20colourlessPCR caps, domed1255409375131.75Order
0.20pinkPCR caps, domed1255423627131.75Order
0.20yellowPCR caps, domed1255423628131.75Order
0.20greenPCR caps, domed1255423629131.75Order
0.20bluePCR caps, domed1255423630131.75Order
0.20colourlessPCR caps, flat, qPCR1255422591139.85Order
0.20colourlessCombi-pack, flat caps25054268601241.40Order
0.20colourlessCombi-pack, domed caps25054268611226.70Order

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