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Pipette Stand

Frame for pipettes with two rotating perforated plates and drip pan. The holders are suitable for up to 40 pipettes of different sizes, for all measuring and full pipettes up to a max. Ø of 18 mm.

A drip pan protects the tips of the pipettes and collects liquid as it drips off. The pipette stand is suitable for drying and for space-saving storage of pipettes or thermometers, test tubes and similar items. A very sturdy pedestal ensures absolute safety against overturning.

No clamping screws are necessary thanks to an innovative magnet concept. The height of the holding plates can be adjusted easily and flexibly with one hand. The lab frame can be flexibly adapted with corresponding accessories, for example as a frame for Imhoff sedimentation funnels or as a funnel frame.
  • PP, chrome-plated steel.
  • Adjustable height up to 450 mm.
  • 40 slots, Ø 10 to 18 mm.
Pipette Stand  Bürkle
Pipette Stand  Bürkle
Pipette Stand  Bürkle
Pipette Stand  Bürkle
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Accessories for pipette stand / Bürkle

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