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Peripheral IV Catheters Introcan® / Introcan® Certo

Peripheral IV catheters without positioning vanes for one-hand puncture technique with PU / FEP-catheter.
  • Grip design for one-hand puncture technique.
  • Excellent puncture quality due to atraumatic needle tip with 3 facets grinding geometry.
  • Capillary: 4 fully embedded X-ray contrast stripes.
  • Hydrophobic blood collection plug.
  • Luer Lock fitting.
  • Colour coding.
  • Latex-free.
  • PVC-free.
  • Acc. to ISO-Standard 10.555-1/5.
Introcan®:catheter material made of FEP
Introcan® Certo:catheter material made of PUR
Peripheral IV Catheters Introcan® / Introcan® Certo  B.Braun
TypeØ x length mmColourGaugeFlow rate ml / minPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Introcan®0.7 x 19yellow2422506709931178.50Order
Introcan®0.9 x 25blue2235506706962178.50Order
Introcan®1.1 x 32rose2060506343736178.50Order
Introcan®1.3 x 32green (with white stripes)18105506348613178.50Order
Introcan®1.7 x 50grey16210506350904178.50Order
Introcan®2.2 x 50orange14345505444242178.50Order
Introcan® Certo0.7 x 19yellow242220054442431280.00Order
Introcan® Certo0.9 x 25blue223520054442441280.00Order
Introcan® Certo1.1 x 32rose2060505444245170.00Order
Introcan® Certo1.3 x 32green (with white stripes)18105505444246170.00Order
Introcan® Certo1.3 x 45green18100505444247170.00Order
Introcan® Certo1.7 x 50grey16210505444248170.00Order
Introcan® Certo2.2 x 502614345505444249170.00Order

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